Comenius 2012-2014

Art, Sport and Literature against Violence at School

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), interpersonal violence is the third leading cause of death among those aged 10 – 29 years.

This alarming figure was one of the main reasons for us to take part in our new Comenius-project

“Art, Sport and Literature against Violence at School”,in which we will try to explore ways to prevent pupils from being bullied, and to keep others from bullying their schoolmates.

Pupils from ten different European schools are working together in this project, coming from countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Poland, Cyprus, Latvia, Scotland, Italy, Turkey

and Germany.

The objectives of the project are to develop the knowledge among students and teachers of the diversity of European cultures and languages, to get to know different European countries and their traditions, to promote an intercultural dialogue both by spoken language and through the internet and to improve the social and language skills of the students.

In addition, we are aiming on teaching students conflict-avoiding strategies in order to increase their ability to solve conflicts harmoniously through dialogue, and in so doing, to reduce violence and bullying among students.

We believe that violent and bullying behaviour is often based on a lack of knowledge about the other one’s cultural background. Therefore, a lot of activities are being planned to to change this.

Folk dance for instance plays an important part in each culture. So we will watch folk dance performances of others and will perform our own folk dance as well. We will show or create masks

to tell about our culture and our past, we will cook together, play drama together and will learn specific techniques to train non-violent behaviour.

And we will produce films and powerpoint presentations about what we do, which you will be

able to watch here, on the Comenius – website of IGS Busecker Tal.


Torsten Piske, Claudia Wehner-Lippok

Buseck, den 22.12.2012